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What You Will Find In The June, 1999, Issue

Featured Search Engine for June

This month, we will learn about the Open Directory Project, formerly NewHoo, and before that, GnuHoo.

Open Directory Project Encapsulated

The History of the Open Directory Project is a history from Day 1 of the ODP, as seen through the eyes of Laisha, who was one of the first 200 editors for this now-huge directory.

How Do I Get In the ODP?

Wondering just what you should do in order to get your site listed in the Open Directory Project, Lycos, and Hotbot? Then you want to read How Should I Submit to ODP? Find out what to include, how to enter your description, and how to get the most from your listing in that directory.

Our Guest Editor

In Other Words is our regular column which is written by a different guest every month. Our guest editor this month is Bill Patz, from WE Concepts, and in his article, "WARNING, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER, DANGER! he expounds on the commercialization of search engine registration."

Search Engine Updates

AltaVista begins auctioning off top spots.

Excite still can't spider image maps.

HotBotfollows Lycos into the Open Directory Project.

InfoSeek goes Go Network!

Lycos shocks the world by utilizing the Open Directory Project. Is this a trend?

WebCrawler is still as sluggish as ever, but still an active participant. Here are a few reminders for registering with them.

Yahoo not only faces a strong competitor in the Open Directory Project, but also goes commercial with their new and expensive "Express Service." Pay to cut to the front of the line?

Overwhelmed By All This? Need More Help?

Find out more about Laisha, WE Concepts, and our services. Feel free to contact Laisha if you have questions.


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