Free Web Sites

(Some have free email as well) - 10 Mb. Online editor with templates for many themes and occasions and free email.

A Free Home - 50 Mb; A banner ad on top of each page is required.

Angel Cities - 64 Mb. No ads. Preloaded CGI scripts: guestbook, message board, and form-mail.

Angelfire - 64 MB. No ads. Features CGI scripts, guestbook, message board, and form-mail.

Buzz Link - Unlimited space. Popup ads.

Domain DLX - 100 Mb. Popup ad on each page. Full CGI-bin access with support for SSI, ASP, SMTP e-mail, and ODBC database access. Discussion forum.

GeoCities - 15 Mb. Banner or popup ads on each page. On-line editor. CGI scripts include site counter, and guestbook.

ProHosting Free Web Hosting - 15 Mb; No forced ads or links. Free email. Full support for CGI/SSI.

Tripod - 50 Mb. Banner or popup ad on each page. Free web-based e-mail account. CGI with support for Perl MS FrontPage.

Webs 4 Christ - Free Christian church, Christian group and ministry web hosting No pop-up ads

Free Email:

Hotmail - Web-based email.

Hushmail - Encrypted web-based Java email.

Lycos Mail - Web-based email.

NetAddress - Web-based email.

NetForward - Web-based email.

POBox - Web-based email, forwarding and filtering.

Wild Email - "The end of lame corporate email addresses has come." Free email with more than 500 free email domains.

Yahoo! Mail - Web-based email.



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