Before you’re ready to submit to search engines...

Know your search engine position

Are you listed in search engines and directories? Often, you may be without even knowing it. Before you submit to search engines, you will want to see if you are listed and, if so, what your ranking is in each of the search engines and directories.

Are you reading this because you want to know how to raise your existing search engine rankng? If so, you also need to know what your search engine ranking is so you will be able to analyze those results and determine how best to raise that search engine ranking.

We will run a search engine ranking report for you, if you wish, so that you can clearly see what your position is on the search engines, thereby allowing your to better your position and hence your traffic.

We make it simple for you. You merely fill out a form which indicates your URL, keywords, and which search engines you want to query, and we will email you a report. We offer a one-time ranking, or you can get report once a month. Payment is accepted via PayPal.

If you are interested in using our search engine ranking report service, click here.

Now that you’re ready to submit to search engines...

The definitive search engine finder:

Submitting to search engines and directories is, in my opinion, the most tedious yet crucial part of establishing a client's web presence. I've used three of the "top" submission services at various times, but I've found that nothing works as well as manually submitting them. That way, I know the job is done right, and I sleep better.

The pages in the Submit and Rank section of the site list some of the search engine resources I've compiled over time. I have broken them up into categories, since there are too many of them to fit on one screen. Many of them are actual search submission (Add URL) pages, though the way some search engines are set up, it is not possible to give a link directly to the AddURL page. In those cases, I have just linked the main page of the engine.

I've added a couple of background articles and some useful stuff such as what I consider to be essential programs. There are also a few pages with links to free web space, email, trackers, counters, and other useful things. These pages are constantly updated, so check back soon.

I hope this is helpful. If you know of links I should have, please email me. Thanks.

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