Regional Directories and Search Engines

While it is important to be listed in the major search engines and directories, it is every bit as important to be listed in regional-specific sites when it is appropriate for your site.

So, if your site is an online computer shopping site, and you have a brick and mortar store in Ohio, you will want to be listed in the major search engines, and also the computer-specific directories and the regional United States directories and search engines.

This section is broken up into continents, except for North America. No disrespect to other regions, and I urge anyone who knows of a regional search engine or directory which is not listed to please email me and let me know.

The current categories in the Regional section are Africa, Asia, US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Australia, and Europe.

You will want to browse through all of the pages in this section, because you want to submit anywhere which is appropriate.

These links all used to be on one page, but due to the number we now have listed, regional search engines are now listed by continent.




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