What Does Laisha Know About Promotion?

Since 1997, Laisha has maintained a large and popular web site dedicated to search engine submission and directory placement, first at GeoCities and now at Laisha.com which serves as a resource for web designers. This site, "All I Know About Specific Search Engines" includes tips for positioning your site in major search engines as well as several hundred specialized search engines and several hundred specialized search engine links.

The site was listed in Yahoo! Internet Life, Internet Dummies Daily, ZDNet, The Chicago Tribune, and the West Palm Beach Post.

Laisha Designs is well-versed on multifaceted website promotion reaching far beyond search engines.

Let us help you establish your total web presence with our expert promotion.

We will develop an all-encompassing promotional plan using any combination of search engines, indices and directories, banners, press releases, and web rings so that your prospective clients will see your address.

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