Art and Music Directories and Search Engines

Art Directories and Search Engines:

ClipArt Searcher - Find free clip art graphics on the web.

Fineart Forum: Resource Directory - Art museum, art history, and fine art links.

World Wide Arts Resources - Arts information search engine.

Music Directories and Search Engines:

Audio Find - Multimedia file search.

Charts All Over the World - Links to music charts on the web from more than 80 countries and search engine for more than 900 updated chart pages.

Midi Search Engine - Music Robot searches for music files.

MusicMoz - Directory of all things music, edited by volunteers listing music-related reviews, articles, factual information, biographies, and websites.

Music Plasma - Graphical musical artist search engine. It's a must-see.

Music Resources - Directory of sites covering many genres of music. They also include famous composers, instruments, research, theory and opera.

Music Search - Music-specific search site including more than 20,000 reviewed listings including artists, bands, MP3s, news, instruments, software, and forums.

Music Yellow Pages - Directory of more than 40,000 wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers in the music and entertainment industries, featuring a categorical breakdown, industry news, and classified section.

Sonic Switchblade - Directory of sites for the music industry.

Singer / Songwriter Directory - Links to official sites and fan pages including both popular and lesser-known musicians.



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